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In both sportscar and open wheel racing series there is a large degree of equipment particularly the booms and overheads used in the pitlane for wheel changing, air jacks etc that we felt could be reduced or removed altogether if a more portable system could be used.

  • After 20 wheel changes with a 1" drive gun with a 90mm socket the cylinder was still registering 60BAR due to our "throughvalve" technology.
  • Even more lifts than wheel changes with an airjack lance (Staubli lance pictured)
  • Some race series will be able to go easily with one full cylinder
  • Quick slot on demountable frame and cylinder means the operator is not carrying the unit for the whole race period.
  • Proven HARRIS H25 modified high flow regulator.
  • Minimal filling times mean compressors are working over a shorter time, this save fuel, wear and tear and the need for large capacity units.
  • Much reduced vehicle size for transportation of equipment and freighting costs.
  • OETIKER self venting high pressure couplings for quick change of gun or lance.
  • No trip or hose tangle hazard.
  • Total flexibilty with 360degree turning connector on the end of the hose.
  • Full ultra light carbon wrapped cylinder.
  • Total weight of cylinder regulator and frame only 5.4kg, dissapated comfortably across the harness

Easy exact settings with the pressure checker for consistent torque for all wheels (no need to allow higher wheel gun pressure settings because of long hose lengths). All items of the equipment are tested and suitable for pressures being used.